Stefania Catarinella



Stefania Catarinella is a dancer, she developed her studies at the University of Malta, in the Department of Dance Studies, achieving her degree in 2016. Freelancer, she has collaborated with international artists and choreographers for projects and artistic productions in Italy and abroad: Spain, France, Malta, Greece, England, Tunisia, Holland, USA, India.

In 2017 Stefania became part of the AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica, directed by Vito Alfarano, of which she shares and supports the strong artistic mission in the artistic, cultural and social field, as well as purely performing.



In parallel, Stefania works as a contemporary dance teacher, searching deeply for the compositional-choreographic techniques, conducts and constant research as an independent artist. Starting from a personal interest, and through a body-mind approach, she explores every dimension of the body: physical, emotional and spiritual, aiming to develop awareness and curiosity. It is this same interest that over the years has led her to experience movement and dance as the engine of social projects with groups of various kinds - sometimes even with people with physical and or cognitive disabilities.

Since 2016 Stefania has been the Artistic Coordinator for the Junior Dance Company Bari, for which she was a dancer in 2011-2012, and guest artist for the Junior Dance Company Malta, both under the artistic direction of Sara Accettura. Since 2017 Stefania has also been working with the ResExtensa Dance Company for theatre productions and major aerial dance events. From September 2019 to March 2020 she also worked with the circus dance company Motionhouse (UK) for which she was also an interpreter for 'Startchitect'.