Production AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica

Shooting Benito Ravone and Vito Alfarano

Punes assembly

With the financial support of A.I.P.D. Brindisi (Italian Association of Down People)

Video art / documentary that tells the story of the AIDP (Italian Association of Down People) with the children with Down Syndrome, accompanied by Vito Alfarano and a team of teachers of various dance disciplines through the knowledge of body language and communication up to the key concept that sees "the body as a bearer of dramaturgy".

A path on communication, first bodily and then verbal. The dance and movement disciplines were: contemporary dance with Vito Alfarano and Alberto Cacopardi, tango with Ilaria Caravaglio, break dancing with Alessandro Ruggiero, classical dance with Antonella Di Lecce, belly dancing with Mary Diodicibus, dance game with Giorgia Verola, Taekwondo with Marco Cazzato, Laughter yoga with Emanuele Martellotti. For verbal communication, the boys, in addition to singing, conducted the program "The battle horses" of Ciccio Riccio with Marcello Biscosi live and taking questions for an interview.

The documentary Più UP CHE DOWN highlights the quality, creativity and truth of each protagonist with Down Syndrome that we will also discover through interviews, of general and personal culture. The answers have been many, full of truth and fantasy, of sweetness, romance, poetry and obscenity without ever being vulgar. Experience, understood as a moment of aggregation and a path of life, will be the main thematic focus. A work that aims to bring the lives of these children as protagonists who are intertwined with the experience of the laboratory. A path that passes from the person to get to the experience and or vice versa.