AlphaZTL KIDS is an art education project aimed at children. It is a training, knowledge and awareness course aimed at the world of children aged 3 to 8 through an artistic workshop and participation in live shows. A preparation path for viewing the shows in which the themes and characters of the performances are studied, all of which have educational themes such as friendship, the environment, sea pollution, the defense of bees and the forest.

The course will provide the young participants with the tools for a new knowledge of themselves as individuals and in relation to others. They will discover the beauty of art through the knowledge and practice of artistic languages ​​such as dance, singing, theatre, writing and creative art by following a specific training path: a land of encounter and knowledge; gestures and expressiveness; awareness and knowledge of the individual and social space; body movement; contact education; relationship of the individual with the group with respect for space and the body; use of the word and the word linked to movement.

  AlphaZTL Kids

In each story,  fairy tale, and narration the protagonist makes a path of change and growth and the public witnesses this process. With the artistic workshop we will lead the child into the stories of the characters, through which they will experience changes, conflicts in an edifying cathartic work for the formation of the child's person.

The project is designed for all those educational and socio-cultural contexts such as theatres, municipal buildings, schools, parks; physical and ideal places willing to welcome, educate, aggregate and integrate. A training and integration path with the viewing of shows all preceded by workshop meetings.

The workshops, direction, screenplay and choreography are curated by Paola Giglio who, in collaboration with the songwriter and writer Gianluigi Cosi, transforms her books on the environment into puppet shows, traveling through bookstores and festivals.


The "Theatre among the waves" project accompanies, through the typical tools of theatre (storytelling, animation theatre, movement and training, sounds, projective instruments), in the discovery of the marine environment and its inhabitants. Children will experience the various roles of the characters in the figure show "Betta Caretta and friends of the bush", and will explore the theme of ecology and the protection of the marine environment.

PLOT- From the images evoked by the book and the sound of an impertinent guitar, the funny characters of Betta Caretta and the friends of the bush take shape: a shrimp who’s always angry, Umberto the expert shrimp, a curious octopus, a strong and wise Saracen tower, Savior the businessman. The puppet show is nothing more than the presentation of this colourful and lively marine world. The places we think we know are presented with two eyes and a mouth, they speak and tell each other. In a network, the little spectator is kidnapped and finds themself taking a return journey to a precious place: their own home. Betta, the turtle, angry at the sea, goes to live in the city. She is happy with her new life, until she hears the call of her land: the sea is in danger, she must save it! Luckily she is not alone, but she has many friends with her who are waiting for her! Behind the curtain everything begins and everything ends, leaving in the hearts of the children the struggle of the friendly Tortoise who loves her land so much. It is a show that brings current events to the stage in a fresh and child-friendly language.

Puppet show freely extracted from the book of nursery rhymes "Betta Caretta and friends of the bush" by Gianluigi Cosi.
Suitable for children from 3 to 8 years of age
Theme: Pollution of the sea
Didactics of the vision "Theatre in the Waves"


The “Theatre in the Meadows”, takes children into the world of Iole Girasole, the protagonist of the show. It is a world made of colours and emotions, where there is the sun,  there is colour, happiness and hope. In this teaching of vision, in addition to getting to know the characters of the show up close, the children will experience their emotions and their various shades of colour.

PLOT - For some days now, on the balcony of the Ronzino florist, something is wrong: his beloved flowers are withering because there are no friendly bees flying here and there. Queen Bice bee is said to have been spotted at a Portuguese barber named Benitau, it is said that she wished to remove some hair from her bearded wings in view of the hot season, but since then there is no trace of her. Ronzino desperately asks Iole Girasole for help: who better than her to be able to bring sunshine and happiness? Iole, with the help of Isabella ladybird and the children, will discover that Benitau is not a barber but a tourist who wants to enjoy the holiday without annoying insects and intends to kill them all with his "Nanna" insect repellant, a spray that makes you fall asleep like the bees. Iole will be able to find Bice and make her wake up. When everything seemed to have returned to its place, Iole decides to teach Benitau a lesson by transforming him into a bee: only in this way will Benitau be able to realise the importance of the work of bees for man.

Show of performers and puppets freely extracted from the book of nursery rhymes "Iole Girasole the meadows in bloom" by Gianluigi Cosi.
Suitable for children of 3 - 8 years of age
Theme: the defense of bees
Didactics of the "Theatre in the Meadows" vision


The teaching of the “Theater in the woods” vision accompanies children in the discovery of Gastone the wolf and Camilla Chlorophyll. The protagonists struggle to be able to return to their home, the forest, now destroyed by man. In this path, the children will experience the meaning of "home" with the characters in the story, we will work on the theme of home, on the idea of ​​safety and on the expression of one's right to safety.

PLOT: Camilla is desperate, for days she has been looking for her friend tree: “He got scared and never came back to the woods”. Poor tree, his friends have all fallen down to become a chair, bedside table or bed for every child. Camilla needs the help and smiles of the children to instill trust in the heart of Tree and his friend Gastone the wolf. Gastone also fled to the city because his family went extinct. Will you make it children to repopulate the forest? Songs, music and dances are the background of this show and lots and lots of poetry!

Show of puppets and puppets on sight with actor freely extracted from the homonymous collection of nursery rhymes by Gianluigi Cosi.
Suitable for children of 3 - 8 years of age
Theme: the defense of the forest
Didactics of the vision "Theatre in the Woods"



The teaching of the “Theatre in the Clouds” vision accompanies the children in getting to know Prince Umbrello and Drizzle, two friends who often quarrel and have different roles: the first protects the children from the rain, the second makes it rain. Two characters so different that they will discover in their path, how while maintaining one's diversity and uniqueness one can still be friends. The children in this path of knowledge of the characters will experience their interpersonal space and theatrical games on relationships.

PLOT- There is a very handsome Prince somewhere, his name is Umbrello. When it rains, the Prince has every child ready, but without Drizzle he doesn't know what to do. It so happened that a witch, in a magic box, caught Drizzle. For days, Umbrello searched and one day a lion told him where to go and find Drizzle. In the enchanted world Umbrella arrived and her friend set free. Since then, Umbrello and Drizzle are never separated again and every ailment from all the children they chase away.

Show of performers and puppets
Suitable for children of 3 - 8 years of age
Theme: friendship
Didactics of the "Theatre in the Clouds" vision



The didactics of the vision "Dreams are Desires" accompanies the children in the story of Nina, a little girl who wishes to become Santa's helper, she pursues her inclinations, detaching herself from her family. In a less broad perspective than that of the protagonist, the children will investigate the purely motor aspects related to the idea of ​​lightness related to the act of flying, they will investigate their desires in an open dialogue and compare the comparisons with the wishes of the parental figures.


PLOT- the Befana (a good witch) was a small little girl, but she had a great desire that no one could fulfill. Year after year this desire became a disease. So a big man, in a distinctive red suit, armed the child with a sack and a flying broom and made her happy in an instant. If by chance in January you see a long, aquiline nose in the clouds, don't worry, it's the witch who wants to make every child happy.

Show of performers and puppets
Suitable for children of 3 - 8 years of age
Theme: wishes
Didactics of the vision "Dreams are Desires"