1st EDITION 2019/20

BRINDISI PERFORMING ARTS (BPA) is a performing arts festival that takes place in the city of Brindisi and hosts performances and artists from various artistic disciplines: contemporary dance, physical / experimental theatre, contemporary circus, performance music, video art, performance art ( living sculptures, installations, etc.) all in a more innovative form.

The first edition hosted 9 international artists and had a remarkable response from the public by achieving, Sold Out at each performance and it captured the attention of social media platforms, local and national TV.

The BRINDISI PERFORMING ARTS, is close to social themes of the selected shows, it contributes to the cultural growth of the city by improving the quality of life of each individual. Culture plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society and increases the perception of one's well-being, activates the mind, thought, critical sense, the sense of beauty, contemplation, participation and generates intelligence, passion and freedom.

Artistic direction Vito Alfarano
Mob: +39 3478172498