Greta Giovine


After graduating at IULM in Milan in 2005 in Public Relations and Business Communication, she began her work in Rome in the organization of live shows, sports and corporate events. She collaborated with the IALS (Institute for Training Workers of the Entertainment) for 7 years, with the Italian Tennis Federation for Internationals BNL, as a freelancer for events with the American Embassy in Rome and the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna.

Back in Puglia in July 2013 she collaborated with an agency in Lecce and organized events related to the territory, to the Apulian tradition, food and wine; subsequently in the tourism sector she dedicated into the organization of exclusive itineraries and private events in Puglia for foreign clients.
She defines herself as Ambassador of Excellence of the Apulian territory and of the Bel Paese in the world.
Since 2020 she has collaborated with the AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica for the promotion and dissemination of artistic productions.