Francesco Biasi

Dancer, choreographer and video maker

Francesco Biasi is a dancer, choreographer and video maker of Ceglie Messapica (BR), born in 1991, he began his career at the dance school of Tonia Bellanova and then established himself in the Apulian regional context. He travels his way in the world of choreutic art in search of the contamination between dance, video and reality. His idea of ​​dance is appreciated in various areas and the WORLD DANCE FESTIVAL awards him as best choreographer and 2018 gives him the signature of his first choreographic work: SOQQUADRO.

Engaged in various artistic projects as choreographer and teacher, he tries to convey to his students the power of personal interpretation so that everyone can best express their soul. Artistic director of ART MOVE, from 2019 dance for the AlphaZTL Dynamic Art Company.