Paola Giglio

Theatre educator

The sensitivity and attention to children led her to undertake an educational path aimed at the world of childhood through the theatrical creative process and performance. At 17, she built her first wooden theatre and staged her first show with puppets and marionettes. In 2002 she moved to Rome where she studied improvisation theatre and then graduated in Performing Arts.

Also in Rome from 2008 she taught theatre in primary and high schools and worked as a theatre tutor in the “Iride” project; theatrical mediator in the “Teatrando” review; member of the jury of the “Festa della scuola” theatre reviews. In 2013 she moved to Brindisi and organized the “Feast of Narration” for the local Council; she directed different integrated summer centres, such as the Eridano Sprint Camp; she taught theatre in training establishments; she has written and directed several puppet shows street performing within schools and public buildings.

She wrote "Stanza" a playful, colorful space, full of smiles and beautiful energy that welcomes children with creative workshops, theatricals and role-playing games. She creates her own youtube channel "La Stanza di Paula" where she tells stories and suggests creative leisure activities together with 'Gastone the wolf'.

In 2015 her artistic collaboration with the writer and songwriter Gianluigi Cosi was born, transforming his books into puppet shows that educate children about environmental protection.

She collaborates with the WWF and is the 'camp leader' of environmental awareness activities aimed at children. In 2020 she joined the AlphazZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica and for the AlphaZTL KIDS section tried to create by bringing the smaller children closer to and passionate about art through shows and workshops.