Curriculum Vitae of Vito Alfarano

Born in Brindisi (Italy), Vito is the director of AlphaZTL, a Dynamic Art Company founded in October 2015. In 2000 he started his career as a freelance dancer and worked with various choreographers: Nicolas Musin, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ismael Ivo, Benjamin Millepied, Micha van Hoecke, Karl Alfred Schreiner. With its choreography he won first prizes at national and international competitions such as the Gran Prix in The IV International Sergei Diaghilev competition of choreographic Art in Poland. From 2008 to 2010 Vito was the author and teacher of the laboratory of movement and drama “Beyond Limits” with the prisoners of Rovigo city and with his video art IL MIO GRIDO (My shout) he received recognition from the ex President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano. From 2013 he has been a member of the "National Theatre in Prison coordination". In 2015 he create in the city of Brindisi in Italy his company AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art . He created the performances “Il rumore dell’amore… ispirato a Paolo e Francesca e agli innamorati contemporanei” ( The noise of love) and “Testa o Croce” (Heads or Tails) for the Fabula Saltica Company, "Moving the city” for the Venice Dance Biennale; viola(to), BALLE and “Quasi sordo… mi piacciono i maiali” (Almost deaf… I like pigs) for AlphaZTL, a piece where he brought the world of people able to hear closer to the world of the hearing impaired in the condition of listening and language, “UseYourName” for SIDance 2014 (Seoul international dance festival, South Korea) with Yaron Shamir and Na Hoon Park for an Italian, Israeli-German and Korean collaboration.

Age of 10 he attended gymnastics classes and theater. In 1997 he began studying ballet, modern and contemporary dance.
JANUARY 2000-4TH Professional specialization master for dancers,promoted by “Rovigo’s Festival Association” (Italy)
APRIL 2000-4TH apprenticeship master for dancers promoted by “Associazione balletto city of Rovigo” (Italy)
FEBRUARY 2001-Professional bringing up master for dancers “Technical virtuosity in the classical Ballet”,promoted by “Associazione balletto city of Rovigo” (Italy)
FROM 2009 TO 2011 “Choreographic Collision” training course choreography directed by Ismael Ivo at the Venice Biennial Dance (Italy)
2011 - GD'A choreographic training for young Author Dance (Italy)
2013 - participated in LAP Project - Permanent Laboratory of Public Art - Advanced Course in Visual Arts at the University of Basilicata (Italy)

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