Produzioni AlphaZTl

Choreography and direction by Vito Alfarano
Dencers: Arianna De Angelis Marocco, Davide Sportelli, Vito Alfarano.
Production: AlphaZTL Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica with the collaboration of the structure " Scenario Pubblico CZD / Production Center of Dance "
Light: Gerardo Buzzanca
Music: David Bowie, Xavier Cugat Orchestra, Michael Holm, Edith Piaf, Raphael, Giorgio Gaber.

Perhaps the only place where the lie doesn't exist is our soul. It does not need to see and can not be tricked. Speaking about BALLE is like telling about of the combination lie-truth. BALLE is the story of how emotions unfold from when the spell of the believed truth collapses in front of an unveiled lie. BALLE is the container of life stories, of masked identities, dirty and delicate emotions, without any censure. BALLE is a performance for those who can laugh at themselves, lose control, love and like to get their hands dirty. It is for those who raise their voice, who weep, even within the truth may live a lie.

Running time 25 minutes
Year of creation 2016
Photos by Serena Nicoletti

QUASI SORDO... Mi piacciono i maiali
ALMOST DEAF... I like pigs
Created and performed by Vito Alfarano
Music by Simone Pizzardo
Costumes by Elena Frigato

For a hearing impaired person, silence is a normal condition.
For a person who can hear, silence is related to sounds.

The non-hearing impaired audience will approach diversity by seeing voices and listening to music through the vibrations perceived by their bodies.

The choreographic development is inspired by the Italian Language of Signs. Behind the signs is a quotation about the meaning of life by Charlie Chaplin:

They will always criticize you, they will run you down and it will be probably difficult to find anyone who likes you as you are! Therefore live, do what your heart tells you to do; life is like a theatrical work, with no opening rehearsal: sing, dance and live your life intensely everyday before the work ends with no applauses.

Here, the two worlds of the hearing impaired and people who can hear - traditionally separated – are “put in touch”: this is a place where what you say matters more than how you say it.

This performance was conceived for both deaf and non-deaf audiences.

Production AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art. Finalist project GD’A Puglia Prize 2011, realized with the support of Dansystem, within the PO FESR Puglia 2007-2013 Asse IV Azione 4.3.2., entrusted to Teatro Pubblico Pugliese by Regione Puglia.

Photos by Alberto Gandolfo

By and with Vito Alfarano
Light by Lorenzo Franco
music: Fyrsta by òlafur Arnalds

Do you know when you dream of falling? and the feeling you have when you wake up? a gasp and a sense of distress. you can never speak too much about violence because some issues should never be forgotten!

Running time 7 minutes & 30 seconds
Year of creation 2015
Photos by Antonio Zingarelli