"Beyond Limits" Laboratory for social and educational activities

A training path, knowledge, sensitization and production designed for anyone who wants to get involved, whether they live in difficult conditions or not.
The project's main objective is to give the participants socialization tools in order to “re-discover“ themselves and relationships with others, through the knowledge and practice of theatrical language, writing, movement and musicality following a specific training program:
- Meeting ground and knowledge
- Gestures and expressivity
- Consciousness and knowledge of the individual and social space
- Body movement
- Contact education
- Relationship with the group in respect to space and the body
- Use of words and words related to movement
- Development "from concept to practice"
- Study of musical instruments with percussion

The participant who experiences the laboratory should find opportunities in the activity period, as well as the courage needed to make new discoveries and reach life’s goals.

BEYOND LIMITS was already developed between 2008 to 2010 with prisoners of Rovigo Prison and realized thanks to the Ministry of Justice, Department of Prison Administration, P.R.A.P. Padua, the Directorate of the Prison of Rovigo and the Ballet Association "City of Rovigo". Since 2015, the laboratory has also taken place in the home Prison of Brindisi.