AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art

The association with the initials αZTL promotes, produces and organizes dance performances and events, cultural events, music, theater, entertainment, animation and film art: installations and documentaries, short films, video art and video dance; it promotes and organizes, with teachers and experts, courses, workshops, internships, seminars, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions, prizes, art workshops, exhibitions etc.; it promotes and organizes training courses and further training in music, singing, acting, dancing, drawing, painting, writing, photography, video art, dance videos and animation. The Association is involved in literary and musical publishing, also overseeing the publication and propagation of free periodicals, newsletters, journals, audiovisual materials, books, gadgets in the areas of interest, also via web, for the diffusion and propagation of its activities.
Why AlphaZTL ?
Alpha prefix of Greek origin that denies the meaning of the word that follows giving value of denial, lack and deprivation (alpha privative) . ZTL means “limited traffic zone” and in Italy indicates an area not accessible to cars, an area you cannot access.

AlphaZTL via art aims to access these “off limits” situations that exist in society, such as prisons, the community of hearing impaired and autistic people, breaking down the barriers that prevent social integration. The purpose is to give voice to those confined by prejudice, spreading the word as far as possible through the activities that the company undertakes.

AlphaZTL a New York

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